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  • Changing the World -Local Company Makes Coin Collecting Fun for Kids

    A local company is making it possible to give children the world. The Coin of the Month Club is a cool, interesting way to learn about different countries without ever having to leave your home. "My father was a big band leader and he would bring home stories about his travels all over Western Europe. As a kid I was just completely involved with his stories from Italy, Libya and Germany," said Jim Bolone, creator of the club. Jim and his wife, Lori, are educators in the Toledo area and wanted to design something that was both fun and educational. "We wanted to give a different option than just getting a toy, because they eventually get dusty, but a coin collection would last a lifetime," said Jim.

    Kids are invited to tag along with spokeskid, Anna Windwrite and her plane, Charlie, named after their son and daughter as they tour obscure countries like the Congo and Andorra and send back monthly packages. Included in the coin parcel is three coins, all of which are real, a magnifying glass, coin pouch, official club static decal and a fact card for each coin, containing strange tidbits, such as where the cell phone was reportedly invented. Bolone finds most of his material from the CIA fact book, which he then takes to a local printer to design.

    Packages can be purchased for one, three, six or 12 months. A bonus fourth-century Bronze Roman coin comes free with a one-year subscription. There will be a Coin of the Month Club booth at Perrysburg's Harrison Rally Days in early September. For information, call 419-699-0497 or visit

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    Coin of the Month Club: "What a great idea!" stated our teacher reviewer. "This is a great way to introduce children to the hobby of coin collecting. I really liked the introductory letter which encourages children to learn more about the coins and countries from which they come by going to their local library. Each coin comes with a fact card about its country of origin with lots of interesting information. I love the magnifying glass to look at the coins up close -- great idea for kids! My dad is a coin collector, so I am going to show this to him because I am sure he will get this for my own daughter for Christmas. This is something neat that grandparents and kids can do together. My daughter and my dad have a giant map with the new quarters which they fill in each time a new one comes out, and this is right up their alley. The social studies aspect is very appealing to me as a teacher. Great concept!!!!"

  • Toledo, Ohio (PRWEB)

    Where is Fiji? What about Andorra? Is there more than one Congo? Too many kids (and adults) remain geographically challenged, and two Ohio public school teachers want to help change that with the Coin of the Month Club, offering monthly subscriptions of select world coins coupled with geography adventure cards for kids ages 6 and up, all provided by the website's "spokeskid," Anna Windwrite, a spunky twelve year old adventurer and pilot of a vintage 1942 Piper Cub she affectionately calls "Charlie."

    Anna's imagination transports her and Charlie to countries around the world, returning with coins proof of their magical journeys in an initial package that includes a coin magnifying glass and an official club decal, followed by successive three, six, or twelve month deliveries of three coins and three adventure fact cards.

    Anna's global adventures are entered in her "journal," updated monthly on Coin of the Month Club's website. The theory behind the success of the idea is simple: when a kid handles a foreign coin, questions arise; when that coin becomes part of a geographic adventure the learning process ignites transforming geography, history, and culture into an educational gift of fun, inspired by an imaginative twelve-year-old pilot, and most importantly, given by you.

  • Sylvania, Ohio Advantage Review

    "Local teachers help children discover a bit of the world through the new Coin of the Month Club."

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    "It was a great feeling when my 8 year old nephew received his first package of fun fact cards and coins. He couldn't wait to call and tell me!"

    M.L. (Coral Springs, FL)

    "Knowing my twin granddaughters are going to receive something fun and educational from me every month makes me very happy."

    C.T. (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

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    Toledo Parent News: "Changing the World -Local Company Makes Coin Collecting Fun for Kids." A local company is making it possible to give children the world. The Coin of the Month Club is a cool, interesting way to learn...

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