Fall 2006

Our flight to Germany was smooth. No heavy winds or storms thank goodness. We landed in Frankfurt, the home of the frankfurter, or what we call the "hot dog." Germany is a very pretty country. It is known for lots of things, and one of them is food. I especially like potato pancakes and sauerbraten. Then for dessert, a huge slice of apple strudel with whipped cream! Germany is also known for rich traditions in dance and festivals. I saw lots of boys and girls clad in suspenders and hats and shorts, dancing to the sound of beautiful music. Cheese, meats, musical instruments, clocks, are only a few of the wonders of food and things made by German artisans.


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"Knowing my twin granddaughters are going to receive something fun and educational from me every month makes me very happy."

C.T. (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

"It was a great feeling when my 8 year old nephew received his first package of fun fact cards and coins. He couldn't wait to call and tell me!"

M.L. (Coral Springs, FL)

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