Destination: India, 20 00 N, 77 00 E.

Charlie’s tank freshly refueled, and I well rested, we headed northwest to Northern India close to the base of the Himalayas, which separate the sub continent India from Asia. The Himalayas have always intrigued me. I guess because they are so vast, so large that lots of climbers have sought to conquer their heights. Many of those climbers succeeded; many perished in their pursuit of reaching a Himalayan summit, especially Mt. Everest’s. There is also the legend of the “Yeti” (or abominable snowman) that supposedly lives high in the mountains, who has only been seen in the wild but never photographed. My flight over the Bay of Bengal was filled with excitement, wonder, and a little fear! After several unsuccessful radios for airstrip locations I was forced to make a decision: land in the bush, something I did not intend on or fly to New Delhi, India’s capital. I chose New Delhi.

Touchdown in New Delhi was a very first for me. I wasn’t expecting a welcoming committee! There must have been 100 or more people, including an elephant wearing the most ornate saddle I had ever seen. And the saddle was for me to sit on! Thankfully many of my Indian friends spoke English. One of my welcomers said I would find New Delhi quite unlike things back home. I did not understand what he meant until I arrived. The city was filled with millions of people and it was very hot and humid. Tea and coffee were very popular plus there were cows in the streets! Before long though I had to get back to Charlie and inspect him for our next stop: Russia!

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