Destination: Ireland. Date: 12 May 2004. Time: 2100 hours.

Today Billy McCardle pushed me. He thinks he’s tough, but as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t understand what tough means. Billy says Irish boys are automatically tough but I don’t think heritage has much to do with being tough, or pushing girls even though I am probably considered a “tough” girl. Billy got me to thinking that Ireland would be a neat place to visit. So I grabbed the old coin from Grandfather’s friend, Charlie, along with Charlie the toy airplane and began to think about flying high and northeasterly across the Atlantic to the place so many call the “emerald isle.”

Before long I was seated in Charlie’s cockpit flying at 165 miles per hour and the altimeter read 7200 feet. Below I saw plain as day the white cliffs of Dover shining brightly beneath the full moon sky. In a flash the sky changed to day and I caught a glimpse of a suitable field for landing.

It was a great stay. I met a girl named Shannon and her brother, Mike, who preferred to be called “Guffer.” Shannon and Guffer showed me the green rolling hills of their ancestral farm and home, in their family for over 300 years! Shannon and Guffer’s mother and father were called “Ma” and “Da.” Ma made us a nice lunch of sausage and mashed potatoes called bangors and mash. Mmmmm was it ever tasty! Then Da took us for a ride on his horse and carriage around the countryside. But I knew I had to be going so Da took me back to old Charlie and away we went.

I love Ireland and shall visit again very soon. I have a pocket full of one pennies from Ireland to share! Oh, Guffer showed me that not all Irish boys are tough the way Billy McCardle said, instead he proved that people, regardless of who they are, make choices to be nice or mean. See you later!


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