Destination: Russia, 60 00 N, 100 00 E.

Charlie and I headed northeast to Russia?s capital, Moscow. Russia would be much colder than India so I made sure I had warm clothes for the flight, and that Charlie had new oil. We would be relatively close to Siberia and the Arctic Ocean, enough to make me shiver, but I was eager to see what lay before us. We landed safely in Moscow. That city is breath taking! So beautiful and rich in architecture, people, and history. And it was C-O-L-D! You have to see St. Basil?s cathedral. Describing it to you is simply not good enough. I could feel the size of the country and know now, in the midst of Siberia, so close to the Arctic, how Russia is the largest country in the world. Just as I was kind of getting used to snow crunching beneath my boots, a thought occurred to me, one from my childhood…and I felt the need to consider it. First, I had to get back to Charlie and make sure we could handle the journey.

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